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what we do

Do the following hashtags resonate with you? #crazycatlady, #catpeopleproblems, #catlife, #ilovemycat, #catfromhell? If you’re a cat mom, cat dad, cat lover, or even a cat hater, The Perfect Cat has something for you.

The Perfect Cat is the ultimate online resource hub for all things cat. We provide rich content about common issues cat owners face, along with cat facts and hacks, to help cat people get better acquainted with those of the feline persuasion.

We provide our readers with top notch, expert-backed information on topics such as innovations in cat health, next generation cat training, and understanding cat behavior.


why we do this

Cats get a bad rap. And that sucks because cats are super cool. Cats are commonly described as snooty, creepy, unaffectionate a-holes, but it all comes down to this: Cats are misunderstood.

Even if you’re a cat owner and you love your cat, chances are you don’t fully understand why he does what he does. The Perfect Cat specializes in helping cat people deal with difficult cat behavior because chances are, and no offense here, the problem may be you and not Fluffy.

At The Perfect Cat, we’re the ultimate #crazycatpeople, and we work to give cats the props they deserve. Our mission is to educate all you cat moms, cat dads, cat lovers, and, yes, even cat haters on the ins and outs of #catlife.