5 ways whiskers gives your cat super powers

5 Ways Whiskers Give Your Cat Super Powers

We all know that cats are super stars and Mother Nature equipped them with some pretty rad physiological attributes, which give them some quite astounding abilities. Whiskers, the signature feline feature, are a prime example of one of these attributes. So here’s the skinny about what the heck whiskers actually are, and 5 ways whiskers give your cat super powers.

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Love When Cats Lick You? Cats' Sandpaper-Like Tongues Revealed

Love When Cats Lick You? Cats’ Sandpaper-Like Tongues Revealed

This may sound incredibly strange, but bare with me here. Do you love when cats lick you? Or maybe you hate it? Whatever the case, I’m sure you’ve noticed that cat tongues are weird. Many people think they resemble sandpaper.

Well, this isn’t some random coincidence. Cats are a super cool species, and evolution has built them to, well, be kings of the jungle. The cat tongue is just one small reminder of their wild roots. So why did Mother Nature put so much thought into your cat’s tongue?

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